Frequently asked questions

Below are some of the common questions that are asked about counselling and processes involved.

If you have one or more questions that are not answered below then do please feel free to contact me and I will answer them to the best of my ability.

How do I know if I need counselling / psychotherapy?

Counselling sessions can help you to gain clarity on an issue, change old patterns, untangle complex personal issues, or embark on a journey of self-development. You may seek counselling as a result of a crisis, or you may be encouraged to seek counselling by family members, friends or colleagues.

Only you can decide whether you wish to try counselling or psychotherapy. Just talking to someone confidentially who is not a friend or family member can make all the difference. Counselling or psychotherapy provides a regular time for those in distress to explore their feelings and talk about their problems. A counsellor can help you develop better ways of coping, allowing you to live the life you deserve.